New Delhi: Despite extending invitations to every country, including Canada, for the Parliamentary Speaker's Summit (P20), the Canadian Speaker was unable to attend the event, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The MEA said that participation is a country's decision and is subject to a number of factors.

Addressing the weekly briefing, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, "We invite all members for G20 events, in this case, P20. Participation is their decision and a subject to a number of factors. I think you should ask them. I will have to check whether anybody actually attended from Canada because I think the parliament Speaker could not attend".

Bagchi also emphasized India's commitment to achieving parity in the number of diplomats and reiterated the need for Canada to take its international obligations seriously, particularly concerning the security of Indian diplomats in Canada.

"We remain committed to what we said, ensuring parity in our diplomatic presence. We remain engaged with the Canadian authorities on the modalities of achieving that," he said.

"We would urge Canada to take more seriously, the international obligations of providing security to our diplomats and their premises. From our part, I can assure you that everything that India is doing, is in compliance with the Vienna Convention," Bagchi further said.

The diplomatic ties between India and Canada deteriorated after the Canadian government expelled a senior Indian diplomat alleging India of playing a role in the assassination of a Khalistani separatist leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada.

However, India has outrightly rejected the claims, calling it 'absurd' and 'motivated'.

In the aftermath, India swiftly retaliated by issuing a statement that denied any involvement in the issue and expelled a senior Canadian diplomat.

Notably, Canada has yet to provide any public evidence to support the claim about the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Moreover, amid escalating tensions, India called for parity in the number of Canadian diplomats in India.

Responding to reports claiming that India has asked Canada to remove 41 of its 62 diplomats in the country, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi earlier this month said that Canadian diplomatic presence is much higher in India and they assume "there would be reduction".

Nijjar, who was a designated terrorist in India, was gunned down outside a Gurdwara, in a parking area in Canada's Surrey, British Columbia on June 18.