Armenia is buying an anti-drone system from India to fight Turkish Kamikaze UAVs. This is after Armenia has already imported rocket launchers and missiles from India.

India's first AI-powered anti-drone system is called Indrajaal. The Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) has been inducted into the Indian Army. The Pinaka MBRL is said to be cheaper than other systems.

Zen Anti-Drone System (ZADS) is a multi-layer, multi-sensor architecture that detects, classifies, and tracks drones. It uses passive surveillance, camera sensors, and jamming to neutralize the threat.

ZADS is a Counter Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS). It consists of an RF Based Drone detector (RFDD). RF drone detection uses radio frequency (RF) sensors that passively listen and monitor 70 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies for transmissions of the communication link between the drone and the pilot.

Zen Technologies secured a INR1.55 billion (USD19.5 million) order from the IAF for its C-UAS.