The induction of the Heron MK-II drones along with the planned induction of the Hermes-900 drones is set to boost the surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the Indian Army

"Induction of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Heron MK-II and planned induction of Hermes 900 Starliners will not only boost the reconnaissance and surveillance capability of the Indian Army but also their teaming with combat helicopters, which will prove to be a game changer in the third dimension," Army sources said.

The transfer of these remotely piloted aircraft has further enhanced the Army's surveillance as well as strike capability and transformed Army Aviation into a potent force multiplier capable of operating in the Combined Combat Teams concept and performing varied tasks across the varied terrain of our country, they said.

The Indian Army recently inducted the Heron MK-II drones which can be equipped with strike capabilities in the northern sector, and have the older version of these unmanned aircraft at various locations across the country.

The sources further informed that the role of women officers has been steadily increasing in Army Aviation.

"Women officers were first inducted into the Air Traffic Control stream of Army Aviation in May 2009, followed by the posting of Women Officers of the EME as Engineering Officers in Army Aviation Units," they said.

The onerous task of ensuring the maintenance, servicing and logistics aspects of Army Aviation are being performed at par with their gentlemen comrades in this stream as well.

Having smoothly inducted the women officers into the ATC and the Engineering Officer streams, it was a natural progression to induct Women Officers as Army Aviators.

Presently, two women officers are already serving as pilots in Army Aviation and three are undergoing training.