Tel Aviv: Israel's Defence Minister Yoav Gallant recently completed a situational assessment of the fighting in Gaza, in which he emphasised the progress of IDF forces have made.

"The IDF forces work according to a plan and carry out the missions with precision, lethality and in coordination between the air, sea and land forces, using precise intelligence," he said.

"There is no power of Hamas capable of stopping the IDF," declared Gallant. "The IDF is advancing to every point."

Gallant went on to state that Hamas has "lost control of Gaza," adding that its "terrorists are fleeing south."

The Minister also reported that civilians in Gaza are looting Hamas bases because they do not belive it has the power to rule any longer.

"Our forces are advancing, carrying out their missions according to plan," he added, "when we increase the pressure we see the results, every day we eliminate more Hamas commanders, tens and sometimes hundreds of terrorists and the IDF comes to the center of Gaza City and acts according to its considerations."

"In recent days we have intensified our activity against the tunnels, this will get the terrorists out of the tunnels, and there either they will be eliminated or they will surrender unconditionally, there is no third option."

On the issue of a timeline for the continuation of the fighting, Yoav Gallant said, "We work according to tasks, we don't have watches, we have goals, we will achieve our goals, first of all a complete victory over Hamas and the return of the kidnapped to their homes."