Enhancement of Navigation Guidance, A2G Combat Capability, Mission Computer, 6"X8" Smart Multi-Functional Display, Data & Video Recording System, Hand Controller Unit and LDP-4i Mission Planning System

Salient Features

1. The new system State of the Art Mission Computer (with embedded DMG or Disk Image File) performs management of LRUs of indigenous (SMFD, Digital Video Recorders), Laser Designator Pod 4i, Laser-Guided Bombs and Hand Controller Unit
2. SMFD (Smart Multi-functional Display) acts as primary interface for HMI of the upgrade
3. Enhanced situational awareness by display of moving map with sensor tracked targets and overlay of flight plan, waypoints etc.
4. Use of Weapon Algorithm for release of Dumb and Laser Guided Bombs
5. Facility to create and load mission plan on ground. On-Board Video and Data recording for mission de-brief
6. Future grown potential for integration of indigenous systems/weapons through Mission Computer and SMFD

The mission computer has been developed by defence company, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The new system is intended to give the navy the flexibility to integrate domestically developed and western-origin, air-launched weapons with the Soviet-era MiG-29K.

An industry source familiar with the project told said that the program was launched in January 2021 after Russia declined to upgrade the mission computer or provide the source code to HAL.

The former Chairman and Managing Director of HAL, R Madhavan, said in a statement said that the MiG-29K/KUB is limited to carrying Russian-origin weapons on air-to-air and air-to-surface missions.

The aircraft cannot be operated with non-Russian-origin weapons without extensive modifications. Therefore, integration of indigenous weapons or western-origin weapons with the MiG-29 was necessary and it was challenging because HAL did not have any design data or documentation on the architecture of the system.

Manufacturing, maintenance and repair facilities for MiG-29s aircraft have long been localised in India, which supports the Indian Air Force and Navy to significantly reduce time and cost of all stages of after sales support, from setting up of technical centres to scheduled maintenance and repair-restoration work.