Pictures posted by terror group People's Anti-Fascist Front (PAFF) on social media show the use of US-made M4 rifles in the Poonch terror attack

The People's Anti-Fascist Front (PAFF) has claimed responsibility for the Poonch terror attack in which 5 soldiers were killed. The terrorists also took to social media to release pictures from the attack site, showcasing the use of sophisticated US-made M4 carbine assault rifles.

The M4 carbine is a lightweight, gas-operated, magazine-fed carbine developed in the United States during the 1980s. It is the primary infantry weapon of the US Armed Forces and has also been adopted by over 80 other countries.

The M4 is designed for close-quarters combat and is very manoeuvrable. It is also accurate, reliable, and well-suited for a variety of combat situations, making it a popular choice for military and law enforcement personnel.

M4 Rifles Recovered In Previous Attacks

This is not the first time high-powered weapons have been used by terrorists in Kashmir. Since 2016, security forces have recovered four M4 rifles with steel bullets from slain Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorists in the region. Steel bullets inflict greater damage and can easily penetrate vehicles and other forms of protection.

PAFF: A New Name for JeM?

Security agencies suspect PAFF might be a new front for JeM, established by Pakistan's spy agency ISI after the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019. Notably, PAFF has claimed responsibility for every major terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir in recent months.

Intelligence suggests that the ISI has infiltrated highly trained terrorists into Rajouri and Poonch districts to carry out targeted attacks on security forces, often in remote and isolated areas. These meticulously planned attacks are aided by Over Ground Workers (OGWs) and paid agents, sources said.

According to reports, these terrorists might be using helmet cameras similar to trained soldiers to record their attacks, sparking concerns that they may be using the footage from these attacks to potentially spread propaganda.

Poonch Terror Attack

Five Indian Army soldiers were killed in a targeted attack by terrorists in the Poonch district on Thursday. The attack took place around 3:45 pm when two Army vehicles, en route to support a cordon-and-search operation, were ambushed at a blind curve near Dhatyar Morh.

In the wake of the attack, security forces have launched a massive search operation in the region, with aerial surveillance and sniffer dogs deployed to track down the terrorists.