Indian Army invites Request for Information (RFI) from the interested bidders for undertaking the Overhaul of Armoured Fighting Vehicles i.e. Tank T-72 including the provisioning of major assemblies/ sub-assemblies and spares.

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to identify prospective vendors (DPSUs / Private Indian Vendors) to undertake the Overhaul of Tank T-72 Tanks on a complete outsourcing model and facilitate preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP).Indian Army stated that all DPSUs and Private Indian Vendors are eligible to respond to this RFI and participate in this project.


Base overhaul to be carried out to ensure restoration of equipment to as good as new condition, rendering a fresh lease of life for enhanced serviceability and operational reliability for residual life of the equipment. This is a well-planned and comprehensively executed activity, to neutralize effects of age, usage and restoration of the equipment to near Zero Hour, Zero Kilometer state of operational! readiness.

Process of overhaul of Tank T-72 should include stripping of the tank, removal of assemblies, stripping of the assemblies that are repairable, inspection of the components of repairable assemblies, repair the assemblies by replacing the worn-out parts, replacement of assemblies with new ones that are not repairable, 100% replacement of parts that have limited shelf-life/life (gaskets, seals, rings, bearings, fasteners. washers etc), testing of assemblies, integration in tank, testing of systems of the tank, testing complete tank and Quality Assurance by the buyer, in accordance to the governing specifications.

Indian Army