Abu Dhabi: Union Commerce and Industry Minister, Piyush Goyal asserted on Wednesday that India plays a crucial role as a consensus builder in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

However, he expressed concern that several countries were disrupting this consensus.

"India's stand is consistent, world needs to see who is blocking the issues and why WTO work is not going on smoothly. It shows India is a consensus builder, and we are playing an important role in this regard, but many countries are breaking the consensus," Goyal said on the third day of the 13th ministerial conference.

Furthermore, the Union Minister strongly advocated for addressing the concerns of developing countries, including India. He called for swift attention to issues such as a permanent solution to public stockholding.

Goyal stressed, "India stands on strong principles of fair play, justice and wants to ensure that all decisions taken at the WTO are keeping in mind the best interests of India's farmers, India's fisherfolk and ensures that our work towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, ameliorating poverty, ensuring good quality of life and ease of living for the people of India, and promoting strong and speedy growth in our Amrit Kaal is promoted through the various decisions at the WTO."

In addressing concerns about Indian farmers, Goyal assured, "We are fighting for our farmers, and I assure you that there will be no change in the situation."

Additionally, the Commerce Minister urged the restoration of the appellate body to facilitate the resolution of complaints related to unfair trade practices or violations of WTO rules. This would enable nations to address disputes through the established resolution process.

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