Berlin: The International Baloch Rights Organisation, an offshoot of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), on Sunday initiated a series of protests in remembrance of the Pakistani Occupation of Baluchistan observed on March 27 every year and held its first protest in Germany's Berlin, the BNM said in a press release.

In a post on X, BNM said, "BNM's Germany Chapter staged a protest in Berlin, observing March as the black day when the Pakistan Army marched on March 27th, 1948, and forcibly annexed Baluchistan. Since then, the people of Baluchistan have rejected Pakistan and resisted Pakistani occupation".

During the event, the members of BNM made the general public aware of the atrocities that Pakistan is inflicting on the Baloch community. They also informed the people about the historical background of Pakistan's occupation of Baluchistan's land.

According to the press release, Hammal Baloch a member of the BNM's Germany chapter stated "This is a black day in Baloch history, the darkest day, but the Baloch nation will alter the tide of time in its favor."

Another member, Asghar Ali, the President of the BNM's Germany Chapter, addressed the audience, stating, "It is our national duty to continue raising our voice against slavery. Pakistan occupied Baluchistan on March 27, 1948, and Baloch people have endured untold miseries." He concluded, "For a more significant national cause, we must emerge from the confines of our homes and unite under a broader prism of national unity to rid ourselves of the slavery we've endured for the past 76 years."

While speaking to the press, Ali emphasised, "Baluchistan has never been a part of Pakistan, and the world should acknowledge and accept this reality. The colonial rule of Pakistan will not endure. The Baloch nation has struggled with blood and sweat against Pakistani occupation, and our goal is a free Baluchistan. We will not cease our efforts until we are liberated from Pakistani oppressive rule."

Shar Hassan, the Joint Secretary of the BNM's Germany Chapter, urged the German government to halt the supply of weapons to Pakistan. He stated, "The Pakistan Army has been using these weapons to kill innocent people in Baluchistan."

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