Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Mehta, a decorated Indian Army officer, was laid to rest on April 16th in Guwahati. Lt. Col. Mehta, of the Armoured Corps. He died in the line of duty while serving in Rangia, Assam.

Commissioned in 2001, Lt. Col. Mehta held instructor positions at the National Defence Academy and the Army War College during his distinguished career. He was known for his expertise in both combat tactics and strategic military education.

Lt. Gen RC Tiwari and the Eastern Command extended condolences to Lt. Col. Mehta's family, which includes his wife, Ms. Surangma, and son, Adhiraj. The Indian Army has pledged its support to the family during this difficult time.

Lt. Col. Mehta's sacrifice highlights the dangers faced by India's military personnel and the unwavering dedication they demonstrate in service to their nation.

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