Kaynes Technology, a leading electronics manufacturer, will produce 3,000 natively planned high-performance computing (HPC) servers for the government-claimed Place for Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).

“These servers are planned to be used for building PARAM RUDRA supercomputing systems under National Supercomputing Mission (NSM),” said E Magesh, director general of C-DAC. He said C-DAC is banking on Kaynes Technology to deliver the indigenous servers.

RUDRA HPC servers under the NSM will be made to meet the computational necessities of areas such as hyper-scale data centers, edge processing, banking, money, medical care and high-level assembly.

Kaynes Technology's managing director, Ramesh Kannan, said this agreement is for assembling RUDRA-1 HPC servers. RUDRA-2 is ready to go, as the organization has obtained the model request from C-DAC.

“Kaynes got the licence to manufacture this technology in India within three-and-a-half months of receiving the design file,” he said. “We could procure all the components, get the printed circuit board, and get the design studies, and verification done in-house. We could complete ten prototypes of this server in this period that were fully functional.

“We started operations in electronics manufacturing last October in a factory spread over 17 acres in Chamarajanagar near Mysuru. In this, we have set up five lines for surface-mount technology (SMT), one of which can produce one lakh servers per year,” Kannan said. “In the next 20 weeks, we will start manufacturing 3,000 servers. The integrated circuits must come from outside. After this, we will deliver the prototype for RUDRA-2.”

(With Agency Inputs)