Mumbai: As the Lok Sabha elections are being held in India across seven phases, the US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti has said that it is "extraordinary" to witness the world's largest democracy execute the biggest election in the world.

As a first-time observer, Garcetti said that he was very impressed with the vibrant campaigning, and rallies that were going on across the nation, and added that it was very inspiring to witness all of that.

While speaking to ANI, the US Ambassador said, "It's extraordinary to see the world's largest democracy execute the biggest election in the world and we've seen incredible, vibrant campaigning, we've seen parties, we've seen rallies, and it's something, just as a first-time observer, that is very inspiring to see. So, you know, I wish India and Indians luck..."

The Lok Sabha elections are being held in India across seven phases. The counting of votes will happen on June 4.

While Bharatiya Janata Party under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking a third straight term to power, while the Opposition INDIA bloc is aiming to wrest back power from the incumbent BJP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is seeking his third term from Varanasi. He won the seat with massive margins in 2014 and 2019.

Lauding India's growth, Garcetti said that the two nations are "natural partners". "India is the fastest-growing economy in the developing world. America is the fastest-growing economy in the developed world," he said.

"We're natural partners and we're friends and if the US and India can continue expanding our economies together, we can not only do good things for our own countries, jobs, and economic prosperity, but we can help the world by diversifying supply chains, going to places like Africa, Southeast Asia, Pacific island countries...." the envoy said, noting that India-US always had a strong bilateral partnership.

He also spoke on the relationship shared between India and the US in terms of space sector.

"You know, our relationship in space is like our relationship on Earth. It is stronger than it's ever been in our history. We have this ability to be able to make sure that the United States and India aren't just adding a relationship, but it's a multiplying relationship. We're going to put Indians in space this year on an American mission," Garcetti told ANI.

He noted that both countries are also going to have a satellite together, which will be launched this year.

"We're going to have a satellite that we built together. It can help save our planet, launching this year. I think we wouldn't have dreamt of this five years ago...that's why this theme was so important to us. We often say our relationship is from the sea bed to the stars. Now it is," Garcetti said.

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