Abu Dhabi: The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Abu Dhabi (IIT Delhi - Abu Dhabi), the first international campus of the highly acclaimed IIT Delhi, has announced its inaugural Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programs, which will prepare undergraduate students to provide solutions to meet growing demands in critical fields such as energy and digitalisation.

The first two BTech programs in Energy Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering will equip undergraduates with the knowledge and skills to help tackle energy challenges, shape the future digital age, and develop software to enhance a range of industries, from analytics to finance, and cryptography to information technology.

The BTech in Energy Engineering provides a range of engineering verticals to suit different interests with a focus on sustainability to address current challenges in energy production and management.

Meanwhile, the BTech in Computer Science and Engineering combines theory and practical skills, focusing on AI and machine learning, with the aim of equipping students with proficiency in abstraction, computational thinking, and problem-solving techniques essential for navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape.

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