Turbat: The Baloch community in Pakistan's Balochistan organised a long march on Wednesday, raising their demands against enforced disappearances and urging people from all walks of life to join and support their struggle.

Notably, the ongoing protest in Turbat, organised by family members of forcibly disappeared individuals, entered its tenth day on Wednesday.

However, the administration remains ignorant despite the protest continuing just outside the District Commissioner of Turbat.

In a post on social media post on 'X', Maharang Baloch, a prominent Baloch rights organization said, " It's the 10th day of the sit-in protest by the families of Baloch missing persons in Turbat. Despite their persistent struggle, their voices remain unheard. Today, they will organize a rally, and I urge people from all walks of lives to join and support their struggle."

The protestors, including parents, siblings, and children of the disappeared, have set up makeshift camps, vowing to continue their demonstration until their demands are met.

They are calling for the immediate release of their loved ones and an end to the practice of enforced disappearances, which they argue constitutes a severe human rights violation.

Meanwhile, the family members of Bhadur, a Baloch student who forcibly disappeared on Monday, have taken drastic measures by blocking the Makuran Coastal Highway at Pasini Zero Point.

The blockade is part of their demand for Bhadur's safe release and aims to draw attention to the increasing number of enforced disappearances in the region.

The blockage has caused significant disruption to traffic, highlighting the desperation and urgency felt by the family and supporters.

They insist that such actions will continue until concrete steps are taken to address the issue and ensure the safety and return of Bhadur and others who have disappeared under similar circumstances.

Reports from local human rights organisations indicate a worrying increase in human rights violations in Balochistan, with enforced disappearances occurring daily.

The activists described the situation as a "Baloch genocide," pointing to the systematic targeting and repression of the Baloch people.

The international community and human rights organisations are urged to intervene and pressure the Pakistani government to address these grave violations. The families of the disappeared seek not only the return of their loved ones but also assurances that such atrocities will not continue unchecked.

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