Surat: The light combat aircraft TEJAS of the Indian Air Force (IAF) made an emergency landing at Surat International Airport on Tuesday morning following a low fuel warning in the aircraft.

According to a source at the airport, following the request for landing, airport emergency teams were alerted. When the flight landed without any issues, the teams were relieved.

“As the Surat airport was the nearest one, the pilot requested Surat airport ATC (Air Traffic Controller) for landing over low fuel warning.

We facilitated the emergency landing according to the protocol. It landed without any issue. After the landing, IAF technical teams reached Surat airport. They will examine the aircraft and clear it for flying. It will take a couple of days to clear the aircraft for the next flight. Till then, it will remain at Surat airport,” said a Surat airport official.

As TEJAS aircraft is a single-engine fighter plane, it requires all the clearances before takes off. According to sources, the technical teams will check why the system showed low fuel. They will also get answers to questions if the flight was low on fuel, or the warning was shown due to a technical issue.

(With Agency Inputs)