Quetta: The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) has criticised the Pakistani administration and defence forces over their human rights atrocities and genocidal acts inflicted upon the Baloch community.

The statement was released by the BYC on the sidelines of the major "Baloch Raji Muchi" (Baloch community gathering) scheduled to take place on July 28.

In the statement, the BYC said, "Every intelligent person is aware of the problems faced by the Baloch nation in the present time. The oppression, exploitation, military brutality, forced disappearances, mutilated bodies, murderous roads, deserted educational institutions, and other human rights abuses have reached their limits."

The BYC said that the Baloch Solidarity Committee is running a public resistance movement against the Baloch genocide.

In the statement, BYC said, "Baloch as a nation is facing a regular genocide. Against this Baloch Genocide, the Baloch Solidarity Committee is running a public resistance movement, the purpose of which is to unite the Baloch people, including all the social and political forces of the Baloch society, against the Baloch genocide and as a collective nation against the Baloch genocide. To pave the way for an orderly, prosperous and developed Baloch society by completely ending the Baloch genocide from the Baloch land through a popular resistance movement."

While referring to the upcoming Baloch community gathering led by the Baloch Solidarity Committee, the BYC urged the people to show their optimum participation.

The BYC said, "We understand that the people's movement cannot survive without the support and cooperation of the people, the Baloch Solidarity Committee has received the full support and support of the Baloch people in this movement since the beginning, so this movement against the Baloch genocide today. It exists in a strong and organized manner."

"Today, once again we request the Baloch people to fully support this movement by realizing all their national responsibilities to make "Baloch Raji Muchi" a success. Help and support the Baloch Solidarity Committee in every way," it added.

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