Rawalakot: The escape of 20 dangerous prisoners, including terrorists and murderers from Rawalakot Jail on Sunday posed a serious regional security threat, according to Amjad Ayub Mirza, a political activist from PoK.

Quoting local sources, Mirza identified the escapees as Ghazi Shahzad, Usman, and Baitullah, imprisoned on terrorism charges, and Tamaz, Safeer, Saqlain, Sohail Rashid, Asif Dal Muhammad, Faisal Hamid, Saqib Majeed, and Osama, serving sentences for murder.

Mirza confirmed that one of the escapees, Shahzad, is reportedly an ex-Pakistan army serviceman who had previously threatened India over hindering the G20 summit last year.

Shahzad is also known as a leader of the newly formed terrorist organization Janbaz Force (veteran force), allegedly recruiting innocent youth for anti-India activities.

Activist Amjad Ayub Mirza claimed, "Pakistan has opened a new anti-India front since June 9, 2024, amidst economic chaos and the growing unpopularity of its military among civilians."

Regarding the incident, Samaa TV reported that the local administration dismissed the Inspector General and arrested seven PoK defence officials, launching an internal inquiry.

ARY News confirmed heightened security across PoK prisons, with Rawalakot Jail's Superintendent and staff suspended for negligence. Most escapees had received life imprisonment or death penalties.

Mirza previously urged India to address the deteriorating situation in PoK, where youth confront Pakistani forces.

He stated, "India cannot ignore the situation in Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir. Our people are fighting; the region is in turmoil with peaceful protesters being assaulted and shot by Pakistani and PoK Police."

He added, "The situation demands India's focused attention to facilitate independence for Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan."

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