New Delhi: A Weapon Systems School, which aims at recalibrating and transforming the Indian Air Force as a future-oriented force, was inaugurated in Hyderabad by IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari on Tuesday, officials said. The formation of this new training establishment is a "gigantic leap" for the armed forces in general and the IAF in particular, the force said in a statement.

A new chapter has been introduced in the history of the IAF with the inauguration of the Weapon Systems School (WSS) at Air Force Station Begumpet in Hyderabad on July 1.

This follows the approval of the Weapon System (WS) branch, a new branch of officers in the IAF, in 2022.

"Aimed at recalibrating and transforming the Indian Air Force as a future-oriented force, the formation of this new training establishment is a gigantic leap for the Armed Forces in general, and Indian Air Force in particular," the statement said.

The WSS will impart effect-based training that is contemporary in nature and prepare officers of the newly formed branch in line with the requirements of the IAF, the officials said.

"With the inauguration of the WSS, flight cadets of the WS Branch will undergo their second semester of training at this institute. The new branch will have four streams; flying stream to operate the weapons and systems in airborne platforms like the Sukhoi Su-30MKI and C-130J; remote stream to operate remotely piloted aircraft; mission commanders and operators for surface to air and surface-to-surface weapon systems, and intelligence stream for handling space-based intelligence and imagery," the statement said.

During the interaction, the IAF chief highlighted that with the creation of WS branch, operators of ground based and specialist weapon systems will come under one umbrella, enhancing war fighting capabilities of the IAF significantly.

He exhorted the instructors that being pioneers in a newly formed branch, they are the pillars on which the entire edifice of the envisioned training regime will stand firmly and deliver decisive air power.

While complimenting the founding members of the WSS, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari urged all personnel to establish the School as a nodal centre for weapon systems training in the country.

The creation of the WS branch was announced by the IAF chief during the Air Force Day Parade celebrations on October 8, 2022.

(With Inputs From Agencies)