A controversy erupted after Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted: "'New India' featuring Yoga day picture observed by Indian Army Dogs and their handlers"

The BJP reacted sharply claiming that Rahul Gandhi had mocked the Indian Army, the Yoga Day etc. Many Army veterans too jumped in to the controversy slamming Rahul Gandhi. Because of the furore many followers and supporters of Rahul Gandhi along with a few Congressmen started defending Rahul Gandhi's tweet claiming that the tweet wasn't satirical in nature. Some even foolishly tried to claim that Rahul Gandhi was a Dog-lover thus out of respect for dogs, he had posted the photograph.

The point is whether Rahul Gandhi mocked Indian Army and the Yoga day? I am not an admirer of Rahul Gandhi, but then, accusing people without merit or evidence is not my cup of tea. I don't find anything wrong in Rahul Gandhi's tweet. Yes. Indian Army as well as the Indian Army dogs also observed the Yoga Day. What's wrong in posting the photo? Was it morphed? Is that photo hurting anybody's sentiments? Don't Indian Army dogs deserve a place on social media?

And how is the post satirical? Yes, it's new India which has made Yoga an international event. Being the country of its origin, India observes 21 June full heartedly. There were video clips of the Indian Army men doing Yoga on the horse back that was proudly telecast through many TV channels. Does that mean mocking?

May be the BJP and others consider it as mocking because dogs have been referred to there. Is merely referring or posting a dog's picture amount to mocking? If yes, then the BJP shouldn't defend Narendra Modi's puppy remark. They shouldn't also defend VK Singh's dog remark where he had said that the 'Centre can't be blamed if somebody throws a stone at a dog' in connection with the murder of Dalit children in Haryana.

Narendra Modi's puppy remark was blown out of context and out of proportion. Similarly, VK Singh's remark was bit distasteful in the context but his intent wasn't to compare dogs with Dalits.

In Rahul Gandhi's tweet also being criticised out of context and out of proportion. The BJP needs to realize that the people of India can differentiate between proper criticism and guided demonisation. The BJP should stop such efforts a vilifying its opposition without any credible evidence or context.

Some media channels also showed another clip claiming that during the President's address to the joint session when Sonia Gandhi was thumping the table along with all others in honour of Indian soldiers, Rahul Gandhi stopped Sonia Gandhi from doing so. I have gone through that clip as well as the entire speech but never found Rahul Gandhi ever stopping Sonia Gandhi from thumping the table.

I am a staunch critic of Rahul Gandhi and his brand of politics. But then, I also slam people when they try to create a narrative against their opposition without credible, factual and contextual evidence. In this case, the BJP is culprit and they should apologise for such meritless campaigns against their opponents.