The ZVO fighter regiment of the Western Military District is slated to receive a new batch of Su-30SM fighters under the state defence order with modernised engines.

The new batch of Su-30SM fighters is planned for delivery in 2021. New aircraft will be equipped with the latest AL-41F-1C engines.

Until now, such engines are installed only on under-production 4++ generation Su-35S.

The highly manoeuvrable Su-30SM multi-role fighter was developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau and is commercially manufactured at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of Irkut Corporation. The Su-30SM is a twin engine fighter capable of super manoeuvrability using controlled thrust vector, is equipped with a phased array antenna radar and front canards. It is capable of deploying modern and high-precision weapons of both the air-to-air and air-to-surface class.

The new engine is a twin-shaft dual-circuit turbojet engine of a modular design with a controlled thrust vector and a digital integrated regulator; the engine performance is improved through the use of a new low-pressure compressor with increased air flow, as well as a new turbine with a more efficient blade cooling system.

(Translated from the Russian)