At least 78 Pakistani nationals went missing after they reached Jaipur in Rajasthan, according to intelligence agencies on Wednesday. The agencies have been unable to trace the citizens which in turn has started to worry the authorities. The Intelligence Police of the state has informed the state government about this.

A search notice has been issued for 16 of the Pakistani citizens whereas the visa for 64 Pakistani citizens has expired.

Pakistani citizens travel to Rajasthan, Punjab and other states to visit religious places, their relatives or various other reasons. After coming to Rajasthan, they have to register with the concerned FRO or Superintendent of Police (SP). The period of their stay in Rajasthan is also recorded during registration. At the same time, Indians also visit Pakistan time and again.

The incident took place some time ago and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had sought information from the state government regarding them. The state government demanded figures from the Intelligence Police and made a shocking revelation. In the last few years, of the many Pakistani citizens to came to India, 78 have gone missing. The police are investigating the matter and constant efforts are being made to find them.