Mohammad Shahrukh, pointing a gun straight into the face of a police. He has now been detained

Amidst US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the violence by the anti-CAA protesters has escalated in the National Capital Region

Constable Ratan Lal lost his life after a stone-pelting mob attacked him. Four civilians, reportedly, have also died.

Many vehicles, shops and houses were burnt down during the clashes. A petrol pump was also torched by agitators in Bhajanpura area. Protesters not only engaged in arson but also stone-pelting.

At this time, it is pertinent to take an account of the misinformation spread by the media houses and intellectuals over CAA-NRC, that has played an important role in instigating violence.

Congress is bound to give protection to all those non-Muslims who, to protect their lives and dignity, have crossed-over the border, and come to India, or will come in the future

Mahatma Gandhi as said on 7 July 1947:

The Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan, if they don’t want to live there, then they can come to India without a doubt. In this matter, to provide them with employment, citizenship, a life of dignity and happiness, is the first duty of the Government of India.

In December 2003, former PM Manmohan Singh said:

Minorities in countries like Bangladesh are facing persecution, and if the situation forces them to, they come to India. In this case, it is our moral responsibility that we grant them citizenship. The government should think about it.

The current Chief Minister of the Congress-led government in Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, had said in a letter to the then finance minister in 2009:

I want to attract your attention towards the displaced Hindus and Sikhs that have come to India from Pakistan. These people are illiterate, and come from the backward SC, ST communities. They are living in extreme poverty. They are demanding Indian citizenship. They should be granted Indian citizenship immediately.

The views of Babasaheb Ambedkar on Partition and full exchange of population are well-known.

The 2003 rules brought out by the Vajpayee government, of providing citizenship to minority Hindus from Pakistan in Gujarat and Rajasthan, were extended by the succeeding UPA government.

In 2010, the Congress government provided special treatment to Muslim males who went to Pakistan after partition in 1947, but returned later and settled in Kerala.