Hyderabad-based VEM Technologies that provides Aerospace, Defence and Homeland Security systems solutions. The company is working on radars and electro-optical systems and is going to invest in infrastructure. In the coming years, the company wants to get into rockets and bombs. It will enter into collaborations with other companies with each partner to play a specific role.

Ajita defence vehicle is slated be on the same lines as the US-Norwegian (Raytheon-Kongsberg) NASMS (National/Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) which is designed primarily for mid-range air defence and can be deployed to engage and terminate aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and UAVs threats. The system can also be fielded to protect high-value assets and mass population centres, air bases, sea ports, and Army Forces—including the National Capital Region—against air-to-surface threats. Ajita could feature net centric architecture, multiple simultaneous engagements, beyond visual range (BVR) capabilities and would follow a modular design approach.

VEM was the development partner for the country’s Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) program and and has received recognition for its Servo System. It is also the single largest production partner exporting major assemblies of LGBs over the years. VEM has also been working on the LGB systems with the currently available technologies and is in the process of establishing an indigenised weapon.

The company is keen on the Un-manned Aerial Vehicles and Systems space in the area of systems integration. It is also serving systems for helicopters and aircraft. Further, the company is going to focus on surveillance systems that are relevant to Land, Naval and Airborne applications covering radars, electro-optical systems and sensors with the networking software. VEM has techno-commercial collaboration with companies that support and build the country’s homeland security systems.

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