Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Pakistan's former foreign minister

A Former Foreign Minister of parody nation Pakistan has now come up with some wild conspiracy theories accusing the US of ‘inventing’ the virus in lab and giving a clean chit to China which has actually perpetrated the virus on all of humanity

Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister, in what appears to be reading a lengthy WhatsApp message, shared his fantasy theories claiming that the coronavirus is not natural but created in a laboratory in collusion with Israel, UK and the United States to halt fast-emerging China.

Calling it a conspiracy, in his deranged rant, he said the virus was created by the United States as a weapon for chemical warfare to be used in Syria. He said the aim was to create a disease that would spark panic and fear among the people of the world.

“The patent for the virus was obtained by an American company Chiron from the US government in 2006. The second aspect of this is that in 2014, they sought a patent in Europe for its vaccine. The patent would have been granted in a few years, but it was not granted till November 2019,” Haroon claimed as he came up with the chronology of the ‘creation’ of the coronavirus by the US.

The former Pakistani ambassador to the UN further claimed that the vaccine for the virus was being manufactured in Israel. “Israel has said it would share its patent only with those countries that recognize it as a country,” he alleged.

Continuing his conspiracy theory, Haroon further said that the reason behind creating the virus was that the US had for many years been worried about China being powerful and had tried many things to stop it but had failed until now.

“The coronavirus was created in a lab in the UK and whose registry was in the US. From there it was sent to a lab in Wuhan via Air Canada. The lab in the UK was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation while the John Hopkins and the Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US had made preparations to dispatch the virus to Wuhan,” he said.

Hussain also claimed his belief that the reason behind the virus being named COVID-19 was because the virus was made with the permission of the Center for Disease Control in the US. “A computer simulation was run regarding this in 2019. The money for this was also given by the Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University and even the World Economic Forum also gave monetary help to make this virus,” he added.

In an attempt to absolve the crimes of China, which has unleashed the deadly COVID-19 across the world, continuing his deranged theory, the ex-Pakistani ambassador to UN claimed that the US, after getting alarmed, moved everything to Winnipeg in Canada where they have also detained a Chinese biologist Dr Kading Chan. The former ambassador added that Israel was the biggest beneficiary of the conspiracy since it was manufacturing the vaccine for the virus. 

Shockingly, some Pakistanis we appreciating Haroon and and insisted that whatever he said should be taken seriously.

Pakistanis appreciating Haroon’s WhatsApp knowledge

Some even claimed how Allah trumps the ‘Kufars’ and hence, Allah’s planning will overrule the planning by ‘Kufars’.

While Haroon was appreciated widely for his pearls of wisdom, some pointed out the discrepancies in his claims. Soon, he released another video to respond to criticism over his claims. In his latest video, Haroon repeated his claims of the virus being invented in the west and not in China.

His rationale to absolve China comes from the point, as he stated, “Chinese have been eating bats and snakes for ‘thousands of years’ and how come Coronavirus never came earlier?”. According to Haroon, Coronavirus is relatively a new phenomenon that is nowhere connected to the eating habits of the Chinese.

Continuing his fantasy, Haroon claimed that believing that the virus was created in laboratory was more logical than believing that eating bats or snakes can cause coronavirus.

Further, Haroon in his video also accepted the patent numbers he had shared with viewers in his first video are not found on the US official record, thus making his claims he raised in his previous video questionable. However, he claimed that the patent numbers were cancelled in November 2019 and continued to spread his false propaganda.

Haroon perhaps thought that the Pakistani citizens would buy his fantasy theories of blaming the west for the spread of coronavirus across the world and absolve China for his crimes. With Pakistanis themselves refusing to accept Haroon’s claims, the former diplomat has now turned out be another laughing stock just like his country Pakistan.

The Chinese COVID-19 – which has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) has wreaked havoc in nearly 200 Countries wherein 30,880 people have so far lost their lives while a total of 663,741 people have fallen victim to it since December 2019.

Pakistan currently has over 1,500 infected people in the country. With 123,750 cases and 2,227 deaths recorded so far, the United States has become the worst affected Country by the virus across the globe surpassing China wherein the virus was originated. The UK has seen nearly 1,019 deaths out of the 17,089 positive cases. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have also tested positive for the novel coronavirus.