The company which has a global presence has been engaged in the manufacture of systems and solutions in the sectors of Personal Armouring, Platform Armouring and Electro-Optics

Kanpur based MKU company will be showcasing their range of night vision and thermal devices, Bullet Resistant Jackets with ILDS for effective weight reduction in body armour and low trauma bolt free helmets.

Night Vision And Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights

Latest technology developments in night vision devices are an important asset for any country globally because of which, such advanced technologies are difficult to obtain from other countries due to export restrictions. The company’s indigenously designed and developed Night Vision Devices which are based on the Generation 3 technology, offering great enhancement in the quality and resolution of these devices, even in very low light conditions will be on display.

Also, the Indian company has designed and developed a range of thermal devices based on Un-cooled Micro Bolometer technology in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Kanpur. And these include Thermal Weapon Sights which are compatible with weapons like Carbines, Insas, AK47 and other Assault rifles.

For Easy Mobility And Comfort Bullet Resistant Jackets

According to the company, its latest line of body armour solutions for bullet-resistant jackets is focused on weight reduction. Not only does it comply with the latest industry standards, there are added features which helps improve functionalities, survivability, enhanced comfort and mobility.

Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS)

As threats evolve, the weight has become a crucial factor and now the Lightweight armour is no more lightweight as the weight of the jacket is now over 12kg. While this weight is already a cause of concern, it is expected to increase more. According to the company, work is on design solutions that help address this inevitable weight factor.

A patented solution ILDS (Insta Load Distribution System) has been developed by the company which redistributes the weight of body armour from the shoulder, resulting in reduced compression of the backbone. This will make the soldier more nimble and mobile and will also avert long term back injuries.

Insta Series – Protection And Survivability Vests

Also, it has developed and integrates survivability features like a quick release the system in their vests for soldiers which is vital in critical situations like when uniform catches fire, need of urgent medical care or while wading through water.

These patented, simple to use vests have been designed for male and females soldiers for Special Forces & Tactical Units, Combat Operations, Law enforcement and security agencies.

Low Trauma, Bolt Free Helmets

Due to secondary projectiles when a bullet or fragments hit the bolts, Helmets with bolts are susceptible to lethal injuries. Bolt free helmets which are expected to address this concern has RHT technology and has specially designed harness and padding systems.

It has new Twist Fit technology which gives the helmet a snug fit and keeping in mind the Indian climatic needs these helmets are built using special materials and coatings and can be used for an extended period of time.