by Brig Arun Bajpai

COVID-19 or more commonly known as Corona Virus may have spread in China for whatever reason, nevertheless all activities of China after its spread were to hide it and make world feel that all is normal. Apparently its basic aim was that this activity of China may hurt its own economy but it will not let go its ambition of becoming a super power towards that end it must also hurt economy of European countries and America also, to pull them back and bring in a total slowdown in world economy.

Knowledgeable sources say that this Corona virus was first detected in a Saudi citizen of above 65 in Saudi Arabia in 2012. When despite all tests and medicines it could not be cured then Virologist from Egypt was called by Saudi Arabia. This virologist was the first to find corona. He then requested his friend scientists in Netherland for further research. From Netherlands this virous research reached a famous biological and virologist laboratory in Canada. There in the lab a lady Chinese virologist was working. She after winning the trust of the Director of this laboratory also got three more Chinese virologists admitted in this lab as students.

Basically, all four were implants from China because China specialises in theft of technology from developed western countries. These people stole this virus from this Canadian lab to their own laboratory in Wuhan which China has been telling the world that this their laboratory is biggest and best in the world. The needle of suspicion does point towards China that not only these Chinese sponsors and her three students left Canada, the Director of this laboratory of Canada while en- route to Deliver a talk in one of the African Countries died of an unknown reason this February. Whatever may be the truth these Chinese activities are definitely suspicious.

What is confirmed is that first case of corona surfaced in China Wuhan province in October 2019. What is being said behind closed doors is that China was developing biological warfare with this Corona Virus in its Wuhan laboratory when while doing research something went wrong and this Corona Virus escaped. However initially China tried to put this problem of Corona Virus spread in October 2019 under the carpet and world was made to feel that every thing is hunky dory till December 2019 that is three months after the first case showed up. It was in December 2019 that China owned up spread of Corona when things had gone out of hand in China and china had infected whole world. 

The Times news paper says that in January this year reports were coming in Chinese news papers that China police are arresting those Chinese who are spreading the rumour that a mysterious pneumonia is killing people. In December 2019 Chinese Government pressurised their pathologists that they should destroy their records and tests conducted on Chinese nationals suffering from Corona. As a result, these infected Chinese were roaming all over the world infecting others. Case in point is Italy the only G-7 Country which had decided to join Chinese Belt and Road initiative. In Northern Italy there goes on roaring business with China of shoes making and raw materials of the same.

From Chinese side infected people kept on going to and fray and today situation is that while China says it has controlled Corona, even the Cinema houses are being opened while large numbers of people are infected and dyeing in Italy, Europe, America. Things getting out of control in these countries, vast economies of these countries are slowing down, China appears to have achieved it aim that it will not drown alone with Corona it will take whole world with it. Today 170 countries of the world are affected with Corona. Needless to say, anger in these countries are rising against China. Currently these countries are busy trying to control Corona in their respective countries but once this Pandemic gets controlled China will have to account for it.

What further raises doubts on Chinese Shenanigans are the fact that china has itself disclosed that 2 corer 10 lakh of their Sims had got closed in last two months. China a country which is highly digitalised where every thing happens from Mobile phones, how come such a large number of Sims have been shut down? It is also very funny that where Chinese top leaders stay that is Beijing and Chinese economic

Capital Shanghai have not been touched by Corona while 170 countries of the world are reeling under onslaught of Corona? Something is definitely amiss? One thing is very clear despite China trying to hide all facts of Corona, saying that it has only lost 3280 people due to Corona Virus, World is now getting aware of Chinese doings. The closed Sims indicate that deaths in China is in lakhs, one estimate says it is 20 lakhs. World is not going to keep quiet on this issue. As it is in the modern world of information technology sooner than later Chinese Shenanigans will come out loud and clear. This will badly affect Chinese Exports. World is bound to find alternative routes of Imports. To this end India stands a great chance which we must exploit.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same