Manjinder S Sirsa slammed Pak after pro-Khalistan leader Gopal Chawla said that land in Nankana Sahib belonging to Guru Nanak Dev was being grabbed by the rich

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Tuesday slammed Pakistan after pro-Khalistan leader and Hafiz Saeed-aide Gopal Chawla said that land in Nankana Sahib belonging to Guru Nanak Dev was being grabbed by the rich by paying money and there was collusion by Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) of Pakistan, which is in charge of educational, charitable or religious trusts left behind by Hindus and Sikhs.

'We stand committed to protect Gurdwara Sahibs'

Sirsa took to Twitter and said that minorities are suffering a lot in Pakistan and PM Imran Khan must take swift action to regain the trust of Sikhs. "We stand committed to protect Gurdwara Sahibs & properties of Gurdwara Committees of Pakistan." The Akali Dal leader added that the issue would be raised at a global level if government of Pakistan fails to address the concerns. 

Land In Nankana Sahib Being Looted

According to an ANI report, Gopal Chawla, in a video said that atrocities were being committed and complaints about the misuse of land, registered in the name Guru Nanak Dev in Pakistan's Punjab province, have fallen on deaf ears of authorities. Chawla, who has been linked to Lashkar-e-Toiba, said in the video that ETPB of Pakistan has been aiding and shielding rich people who have encroached the land of Gurudwara Nakana Sahib.

Chawla said he had given proof of corruption to ETPB chairman Aamer Ahmed who paid no heed to his complaint. He alleged that Ahmed has been colluding with the land grabbers. Earlier, ETPB was in news for selling Guru Nanak Dev's land.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa had on Monday condemned the denial of food to Hindus in Pakistan amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Making an appeal to Pakistan PM Imran Khan to look after Hindus and Sikhs, he further stated that minorities in Pakistan would die of hunger.

He said, "Shocking news: Amid Covid-19 outbreak, Hindus of Karachi are denied food supplies." "This is against the basic Human Rights principle, minorities would die of hunger in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan is requested to ensure the well-being of Hindus and Sikhs during the crisis of Coronavirus," Sirsa added.