This is not an exception that China is trying to take a hold of the United Nations (UN), one post at a time.

Former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping had a motto, "Hide your strength. Bide your time." However, the current leader, Xi Jinping does not people in that in that.

The Chinese President wants to project strength, both at home and abroad!

China is flexing its diplomatic muscle by going after the top jobs at UN agencies.

It is installing its diplomats in key positions across UN agencies.

The Director-General of the UN food and agriculture organisation is now Chinese. Qu Dongyu had defeated an American to win the top job.

China is entering another major wing of the UN this year. The board of auditors they keep an eye on the account books of the world body.

India's CAG Rajiv Mehrishi's term will expire in three months.

The Auditor-General of the national audit office of China will take charge in July.

The UN has 15 specialised agencies out of which four are led by China while it has exerted its influence on many others.

These jobs may not boost China's public profile, but, they give Beijing the ability to influence key decisions in the un ecosystem.

Unlike in the past, China is voting actively on key Security Council resolutions.

Since 2011, China has exercised the veto nine times.

This shift in strategy has a direct connection with Xi Jinping's rise to power. The Chinese President wants his country to play a big role in the UN.

And, as a result, China is now the second-largest contributor to the regular budget of the UN. It has become a leader in UN peacekeeping missions.

In 1990, it had just five soldiers deployed in the operations and by Mid 2015, this surged to over three thousand.

Even today, China has over two thousand troops in un peacekeeping efforts.

These contributions come with strings attached as they legitimise the dictatorship of the Communist Party and limit the independence of global platforms against Chinese pressure.

The UN has long been the handmaiden of the United States, now it is being taken over by China, one post at a time.