FAU-G is being developed by Bangalore-based publisher nCore Games under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar

nCore Games, on October 25, dropped the first teaser of its action game called Fearless And United Guard (FAU-G). The action game is an Indian-made alternative to PUBG Mobile, which was banned in the country earlier this year. The FAU-G teaser post also confirms that the game will be launched in November 2020.

The company confirmed the launch via a Twitter post. “Good always triumphs over evil, the light will always conquer the darkness. May victory bless Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G...Launching in November 2020!,” nCore Game tweeted.

The minute-long teaser video starts with the Indian army helicopters flying over the Galwan Valley. After 20 seconds into the video, Indian soldiers are seen having hand-to-hand combat with Chinese intruders, replicating the reported incident at the Galwan Valley.

The launch confirmation comes around the news of PUBG Mobile’s possible comeback in India. A job posting by PUBG Corporation on LinkedIn hinted at the possible return of the mobile gaming app to the Indian market. A job posting for “Corporate Development Division Manager” on LinkedIn was posted by PUBG Corp on behalf of Krafton on October 20.