Chowgule and Company Pvt. Ltd. (CCPL), a part of the Chowgule Group, has partnered Denmark’s Tuco Marine Group for manufacturing advanced patrol boats in India. The 16-metre-long patrol boats, designed as per Tuco Marine´s ProZero concept, will strengthen CCPL’s existing business of manufacturing composite fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) boats, the firm said.

Besides catering to the domestic market, the company will also look at exporting the manufactured boats to South-East Asia and other regions.

“Our collaboration seeks to address the need for world class petrol boats, interceptors and work boats that are specifically designed for the use of police, coast guard and military,” said Ashok Chowgule, joint MD, Chowgule & Company.

“These work boats will enhance rescue and search operations in times of disaster relief and management,” he said adding that the company waned to build next-generation products in India for the world.

“The new ProZero boat employs top-of-the-line technology,” said Jonas Pedersen, co-founder, Tuco Marine Group.

He said the company has been meeting the needs of providing products to law enforcement officers and first responders with their work anywhere in the world from the Mediterranean to the Arctic regions.

The ProZero boats are built from lightweight materials that ensure high fuel efficiency, low emission of greenhouse gases, and minimal maintenance.

The hull is specially adapted for low drag to generate high speed and to minimise fuel consumption. Furthermore, it is anti-roll and has great course stability for performing high-speed missions. Due to its light weight and special hull, the boat can reach high speed even under full load, as per Tuco Marine.

The standard boat is equipped with Z-drives and a deep V-hull, which make it agile and seaworthy.

The ProZero patrol boat can be equipped with a variety of propulsion systems such as IPS, water jets, or surface drives. The efficient design of the boat is ideal for fast missions even under challenging weather conditions, and works equally well for extensive, long-drawn operations, as per Tuco Marine.