HAL is developing an unmanned aircraft that can enter the enemy zone and carry out strikes deep inside the enemy territory

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) announced that it is developing a futuristic high altitude pseudo satellite with a start-up company, a first of its kind in the world.

HAL Director Arup Chatterjee said that the satellite will be solar energised and become a big asset flying unmanned around 70,000 ft for 2-3 months and taking information. He said that no country in the world has developed it yet.

HAL will be teaming up unmanned aircraft and vehicles with manned jets similar to the US project of skybrog in a significant leap in technology. The project will strengthen the country's military strike capabilities.

Key Highlights 

• HAL is developing a project that includes a manned aircraft, which will operate within the boundary and an unmanned aircraft, which can enter the enemy zone and carry out strikes deep inside the enemy territory.

• The system will have a mother-ship carrying components like Hunter and Alpha and as per HAL Director Arup Chatterjee, the mother ship can be LCA or Jaguar or other combat manned aircraft.

• The technology has been named Combined Air Teaming System (CATS).

• The project will mainly include a mother ship and four autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles known as CATS Warrior.

• The vehicles will have the capacity to carry out a strike.

• It will be able to stealthily enter 700 kilometres inside enemy territory.

HAL Director said that the unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous functions will also have all the manoeuvring capabilities. The vehicles will be able to hit the target straightway at a distance of 700 kilometres or go to 350 kilometres and come back. The vehicles will carry missiles, ammunition and if needed CATS Alpha.

Speaking on the delivery of TEJASs, HAL CMD R Madhavan has said that as per the contract, HAL will start the delivery of TEJAS by 36 months. He stated that the first delivery will be by March 2024 and in the first year, there will be a delivery of 2 aircraft which will be ramped up to 16. The total supply time, post first delivery will be 6 years.