An Assault Rifle 7.62×39 mm calibre and Close Quarter Battle Carbine platforms have been undergoing testing after completion of development. In picture, Viper a Sub MoA precision sniper rifle chambered for the .3087.62×51 mm cartridge

A top company executive said “All these weapons are purely made in India. And will on display at the DefExpo next week”

The latest version of Sniper rifles, assault rifles, upgrade kits, optics, small calibre ammunition & tactical gears will be displayed by the Bengaluru based SSS Defence Company. Speaking to Financial Express Online, a top company executive said “All these weapons are purely made in India. And will on display at the DefExpo next week.” As has been reported earlier, this is the first time ever a private sector company in India has made a sniper rifle in two calibres. And these have not only been designed and developed indigenously by a passionate technical team in a laboratory but also manufactured in India.

The company SSS Defence holds the IPR and has a joint venture with a Brazilian company CBC Global Ammunition for these snipers.

Until now no Indian private sector company has manufactured military-grade ammunition for the small arms. Under the joint venture with the Brazilian company, plans are to manufacture multiple ammunition for different calibres including the 9 mm, 7.62×39 mm,7.62×51 mm, .338 Lapua and 12.7 mm. These will be both for the domestic (military & law enforcement) and for exporting to a third country.

More than Rs 20 crore has been invested by the SSS Defence in R&D and IP asset creation which is used for all their verticals including -Small Arms, Optics, and Ammunition.

According to company officials, the focus is to create a manufacturing and exporting hub for weapons like snipers. “This will help in cutting down India’s dependence on foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for not only the weapons but also optics and ammunition.”

“The rifle has a two-stage trigger which has been designed indigenously and it also has highly efficient muzzle brake and sound suppressor. They have been designed for accurate and long-range precision shooting.”

The `Viper’ chambered for the .308 (7.62×51 mm cartridge) and the `Sabre’ .338 Lapua Magnum Cartridge (8.6×70 mm cartridge) are preferred by both military and law enforcement snipers across the world. These have been ergonomically designed keeping in mind the Indian soldier and his body built, finger length etc.

Indian Army needs 5,719 rifles with ammunition. And SSS Defence has plans for manufacturing 15000 arms per annum from day one during Phase 1 and in Phase II 45,000 arms per annum and then gradually scale it up to 80,000 arms per annum in some years.