Dealing with Pakistan with an iron fist on a daily basis should be our priority because Pakistan is that spoilt brat that will again resort to its usual behaviour. It was Pakistan’s military dictator Gen. Zia-Ul-Haq’s idea which he called as bleed India with thousand cuts after Pakistan’s military leadership realized it is impossible to defeat India in case of war after 1971 when India liberated erstwhile East Pakistan now Bangladesh. After Soviet forces retreated in 1989 from Afghanistan and there were thousands of mujahedeen’s who were trained by the Pakistan army to fight a war against the Soviet Forces suddenly went jobless. Pakistan used the same model it used after the independence to grab Jammu and Kashmir which is legally Indian Territory through an instrument of accession. Pakistan started a proxy war against India in the hope to succeed but it failed. Sayed Salahuddin who lost elections in 1987 picked up arms against India and Joined Hizbul Mujahedeen. And Pakistan is waging a proxy war for three decades through its terror proxies against India.

Every time I see the coffin of an Indian soldier wrapped in Tri-colour breaks my heart. For years Indian soldiers have sacrificed their lives in anti-terror operations and ceasefire violations and cowardly terrorist attacks like Pulwama. Thousands and thousands of innocent Indian Civilians have lost their lives in bomb-blasts, Fedayeen attacks backed and funded by ISI and Pakistan Army. In the past seven years after BJP came to power led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi our approach has changed. Indian Army carried out surgical strikes in 2016 in PoJK destroying terror launch pads in response to the attack on Uri Garrison where 19 Indian soldiers were killed in action. India Airforce bombed terrorist training camp in Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan in response to the Pulwama attack which left 40 CRPF soldiers dead injuring 35 others. But the question remains have we made Pakistan pay the price for the lives of thousands of Indian soldiers, police, CAPF personals and innocent civilians. For decades Indian soil has been moistened by the blood of our soldiers. Countless mothers left childless, wives left alone and a small child has to grow up without their father, and what have we done about it.

Pakistan has consistently carried out this psychological warfare of using its nuclear weapons against India and its nuclear rhetoric was exposed when we bombed Balakot. While we carry out anti-terrorist operations in JnK we must understand the problem lies in GHQ Rawalpindi. We must make Pakistan Army, their Generals, and people like Hafeez Saeed, Maulana Masood Azar, Dawood Ibrahim, Sayed Salahuddin realize that they are not safe in their own country. And how are we going to do that? If Pakistan wants to continue its bleed India with thousand cuts business then we must on regular basis bleed the Pakistan army by using our military might. Every time a Pakistan Army General and the terrorist leaders step out of their houses they should be fearful of their lives. You cannot have peace unless you shed the enemy’s blood. I ask these libtards who romanticize “Aman Ki Asha” what are you supposed to do with a country that has been killing our citizens for the past 70 years send them sweets. I am sorry if you want to leave in peace be ready to shed blood of the enemy.

It is our responsibility to support Baluchistan Freedom Movement and provide their leader’s protection. Provide them funds and support them on international forums and provide them diplomatic support. India should raise issues of human rights violations and genocide in Baluchistan being carried out by the Pakistan Army for years. Coming to Afghanistan we need access to central Asia which is why we are carrying out developmental projects there. We need to take quick steps in the international arena pertaining to Iran and complete the Chabahar Port project which will give us access to Afghanistan. And having Indian boots on the ground in Afghanistan will be an added advantage to corner Pakistan. And also provide Afghanistan weapons and equipment and provide them training more and more training in order to build up pressure on Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province. To cut long story short weaponize your friends against a common enemy. India has been able to achieve its objective on the international stage by isolating Pakistan and must keep the pressure on irrespective of Pakistan agreeing to stop ceasefire violations along LoC.

India aspires to be a world superpower and 6th member at the UNSC and if we want to achieve this goal we need to act tough. Super Powers are made by the powerful economy and strong military and deal with the problem from where it originates. I am for peace and I don’t want my Armed forces to be forced to go to war, it costs human life. But Pakistan is that neighbour who won’t let you leave in peace. And if my nation wants to leave in peace Pakistan must pay the price for the death of each and every Indian Civilian and Soldier it has been responsible for. The Aman Ki Asha gang gives intellectual cover fire to Pakistan who is trying to twist India’s neck for decades which it will never succeed in. I strongly believe India should not hold Pakistan by its neck only to let it breathe but should cut the oxygen supply off so that it doesn’t breathe. It is the price Pakistan will have to pay for killing Indian citizens.