Senior Pakistan MP Raja Zafar ul Haq also claimed that the Pakistan Army had a Commando Unit specifically stationed in Gaza for the cause

Pakistan is training terrorists in Hamas and fighters of the Palestinian militant group are receiving their military training from the country's Army, claimed former Pakistan Envoy Raja Zafar ul Haq.

In a sensational revelation, the senior Pakistan MP shared that the co-founder of Fatah in Gaza-- Abu Jihad had told him that most Hamas fighters had received military training by the Pakistan Army. Raja Zafar ul Haq also claimed that the Pakistan Army had a Commando Unit specifically stationed in Gaza for the cause.

"In 1981, Abu Jihad was alive and I met him. He told me that whenever there is a war with Israel, those on the forefront are those who have received military training in Pakistan. This has happened, will happen and will continue happening," he said in the video accessed by RepublicTv.

Reacting to the report Major General A K Siwach (Retd)  lashed out at Pakistan for priding itself in creating and breeding terrorism. "Pakistan is known for doing such things. It can go to any extent, All these LeT and JeM terrorists trained by Pakistan Army are fighting in Afghanistan, along with the Taliban. You can't rule out the possibility. Pakistan is 'terroristan' and takes pride in creating terrorists. It claims it's a victim of terrorism but it itself has created terrorism all over the world. They can not play a victim card, it is part of the problem and not the solution. Out of the 100s of international terrorists declared by the United Nations, so many reside in Pakistan, that is the track record of the country."

Pakistan Calls For 'Jihad' In Israel

Even during the escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas, and the violence intensifying between the two nations, Pakistan Parliament had openly called for waging 'Jihad' against Israel. At a time when the global community was seeking a ceasefire to put an end to the weeks-long violence which was moulding into a global war-like situation, Pakistan in its Parliament was adding fuel to the fire calling for its children to be dedicated to the cause.

In the Parliament, Prime Minister Imran Khan-led PTI's legislator Asma Qadeer remarked that all 'our children will be dedicated to jihad' against Israel. The PTI leader claimed that Israel has been 'torturing' women and children, and to fight back, Pakistan needed to wage 'jihad' against Zionists.

In a video that came to light, Asma Qadeer can be heard saying, "What Israel is doing to our brothers and sisters over there, it should be certain now that other than jihad there is no other solution. The way they are torturing our children and women, I am with you. I will be the first one to go on jihad. Put my name first. I will go and save my Palestinian brothers and sisters from those who have crossed all the limits of humanity."

The Pakistan leader had not even spared the US for backing Israel in the war calling Vice President Kamala Harris 'a disgrace on womanhood.' Asma Qadeer had also used unsuitable words against Harris for 'not backing America but India's stance on the issue.'