New Delhi: Indian Army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane on Wednesday said that the Army will continue to deal with the Chinese PLA in a "firm, resolute and peaceful manner" in the northern borders and it has been maintaining the highest level of operational preparedness in the region.

Addressing a press conference here, he said there has been positive movement in terms of disengagement at some friction points along LAC in eastern Ladakh.

"Along our northern borders, we have continued to maintain the highest levels of operational preparedness, while engaging in sustained dialogue with the PLA. We will continue to deal with the PLA in a firm, resolute and peaceful manner while ensuring sanctity of our claims. Necessary safeguards are in place," Gen Naravane said.

"After persistent joint efforts, mutual disengagement has taken place at many locations. So there has been positive movement," he added.

Speaking about the China's new border law, Army Chief said: "Any law, which is not binding on other countries and which is not legally tenable and is not in keeping with the agreements that we have had in the past, obviously can't be binding on us."

Referring to the Line of Control, he said after a heightened situation for a prolonged period, the understanding between DGMOs of India and Pakistan on maintaining ceasefire was aimed at achieving mutually beneficial and sustainable peace and the situation has witnessed marked improvement.

"However, increase in concentration of terrorists in various launch pads across LoC and repeated infiltration attempts once again expose the nefarious designs of our western neighbour. We, on our part, have resolved to show zero tolerance to terror and commit ourselves to extract dire costs should that be forced upon us," the Army chief said.

He said the overall security situation, in the north-eastern region remained under control.

"A robust security posture, has significantly curtailed the operational space for terrorists. There has been a graduated deinduction of Army units from areas where the security situation has improved. On the Indo-Myanmar Border, being an important facet of our security calculus, due impetus to border guarding is being given by the Assam Rifles," Gen Naravane said.