The Indian Air Force will participate in the multi-nation Air Exercise named 'Ex Cobra Warrior 22' at Royal Air Force Base in Waddington, United Kingdom.

The Cobra Warrior exercise will be held from 6-27 March, 2022. Five indigenous Tejas fighter aircraft will participate in the exercise and a C-17 aircraft will provide transport support.

IAF will participate in multi-nation air exercise Cobra Warrior at RAF Waddington, UK and other leading Air Forces from 6 to 27 Mar 22 according to IAF.

Five TEJAS fighter will participate in the exercise. C-17 aircraft will provide transport support.
Cobra Warrior Exercise

The Cobra Warrior Exercise is one of the largest annual Royal Air Force exercises and aims to train both pilots and other air specialists in planning and executing complex airborne missions.

The Indian Tejas jets will be stationed at the RAF Waddington airbase.

The exercise will involve air-to-air operations such as aircraft interceptions and mock dogfights and simulated ground attacks.

This will be the first-ever outing of Tejas in the International air exercise.

Cobra Warrior Exercise 2022 Objective

The Cobra Warrior exercise is aimed at providing operational exposure and share best practices amongst the participating Air Forces.

It will help enhance combat capability and forge bonds of friendship between the participating Air Forces.

The exercise will serve as a platform for Tejas to demonstrate its manoeuvrability and operational capability.


The Indian Air Force Tejas Squadron just recently completed its first-ever outing in the Singapore air show.

Three Tejas jets had flown over 3,000km ferry flight with 3 external drop tanks non-stop to Singapore for the air show.

This demonstrates the long-range ferry capabilities of the tiny jet.