Lucknow: The Shia community of Lucknow, under the aegis of All India Shia Hussaini Fund, protested on Victoria Street against the terrorist attack during Nawaz and Shia prayers in Peshawar city of Pakistan on Friday.

Some 70 Shia worshippers were killed in the attack claimed by the Islamic State - Khorasan (IS-K) terror group.

The Shia Hussaini Fund, led by Amir Alam Khan, the president of the organization, raised slogans during the protest against Pakistan and terrorism.

The organisation's general secretary Hassan Mehdi said that Pakistan is not an Islamic State or a masculine sultanate, it is a terrorist state, where more than 30,000 Shins have been killed in the last 35 years. For which the governments of Pakistan are solely responsible.

He said, "The United Nations kept sending memorandums, but the governments of Pakistan never made any effort to rein in the terrorists".

Maulana Isarul Hasan, Dr Sirajul Hasan, Maulana Sakhlain Abdi also expressed their views in this demonstration in Lucknow against the killing of Shia Namazis in Peshawar.

Jussain Jamin Naqvi, the media in charge of the organization said, "We are going to hold an international conference soon after consultation with Shia religious leaders in protest against the atrocities on Shia minorities in Pakistan".