A Bus convoy with Chinese workers was attacked by Baloch freedom fighters in Dasu

Islamabad: The government of Pakistan has promised to provide security to Chinese people, projects and other institutions to further boost the China-Pakistan friendship, reported a local media.

Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Wang Wenbin has affirmed that the Pakistan government has assured to probe the Karachi suicide attack where a suicide bomber killed three Chinese nationals in Pakistan, grievously wounding four others. Wenbin added that Pakistan has sworn to maintain the China-Pakistan cooperation and not let any force undermine it, reported Geo News.

"We believe that the Pakistani side will earnestly take robust measures to ensure that China-Pakistan cooperation moves ahead in a safe and smooth manner," said the spokesperson.

Further, Wenbin also mentioned that both the countries have the capability and resolve to stop the terrorism prevailing in Pakistan, causing the deaths of the three Chinese individuals, reported Geo News. In addition, the spokesperson said that they will make the terrorists "pay the price" for their crimes.

The Chinese spokesperson even boasted of the strong friendship the two countries share, highlighting that China will go on to support Pakistan's national development, in the social and economic sectors. According to Wenbin, Pakistan is trying its best to investigate the people behind the Karachi killings, providing medical support to those who are injured as well.

Meanwhile, post the tragic attack on Tuesday, the newly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shebaz Sharif visited the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad conveying his heartfelt condolences to the victims of the attack. He further asserted that an in-depth investigation will be held pertaining to the incident and the perpetrators will be subjected to strict punishments, reported the local media.

A full-blown search operation has already begun by the local authorities in Sindh and Karachi.