Islamabad: A Petition has been filed in the Islamabad High Court seeking global action against Dutch politician Geert Wilders, known for his anti-Islam views, for blasphemy.

The petition states that Geert Wilders's blasphemous act has hurt the feelings of more than one and a half billion Muslims, therefore the Dutch ambassador should be summoned and a strong protest should be recorded against Geert Wilders blasphemous act, reported Daily Jasarat.

The petition seeks an order from the government of Pakistan to demand action from the Dutch government against Geert Welder, order the government to raise such incidents of blasphemy in international forums and Geert Welder's Twitter account should be immediately blocked in Pakistan.

Foreign Secretary, Director General of Federal Investigation Agency (DG FIA), PTI and Secretary IT were made parties in the petition while the petition was filed by one Hafiz Ehtesham, as per Pakistan daily.

Earlier in 2018, Wilders announced plans for a cartoon contest to depict Prophet Muhammad. The news stirred anger and grief among Muslims throughout the world as the physical depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is considered offensive and insulting to the followers of Islam.

The cartoon contest also sparked protests in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where blasphemy is an extremely charged issue, often leading to mob violence incidents, including the killing of those accused of blasphemy, reported Voice of America.

The mixing of state and religion in Pakistan has provided a dangerous cocktail for Pakistan's population and the blasphemy laws are taking their toll on the people of Pakistan.

In a recent incident, a woman teacher at a girls' seminary in Dera Ismail Khan was killed by three of her female colleagues after the relative of one of the killers had a dream that the teacher had committed blasphemy after which the killers were ordered to slaughter her.

The victim, Safoora Bibi, 21, was killed by three of her students at Jamia Islamia Falah Al-Banat, situated in the Anjumabad area on Dera Multan Road, at around 7 am. The students accused of carrying out the fatal attack have been arrested.

According to the FIR (First Information Report) filed by the local police, the three girls, Umra Aman, 24, daughter of Deen Badshah and Razia Hanifia, 21, and Aisha Noman, 17, daughters of Allah Noor, allegedly stabbed Safoora Bibi in the neck, killing her.

The FIR stated that Safoora Bibi had just gotten off a rickshaw and entered the madrassa gate when she was attacked by the three students and died on the spot.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) stated that the actions of the three seminary students were both "frightening and incomprehensible". HRCP expressed concern over the cold-blooded murder of Safoora Bibi in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province.

Its statement read, "The HRCP is horrified by the cold-blooded murder of a woman by three female seminary colleagues in DI Khan on allegations of blasphemy. That the accused claim their allegations and subsequent actions were based on a 13-year old girl's 'dream' is both frightening and incomprehensible".