The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximate 1500 Light Vehicle GS 4x4 700 to 900 Kg (Hard Top) for use by the three services. The vehicle will be used in General Service role in hills, high altitude, snow bound areas, plains and desert and any other terrain as prevalent in the country. The vehicle should be based on contemporary technology to meet the specific requirement of the services.

With the view to identify probable vendors who can undertake the said project, OEMs / Authorised Vendors are requested to forward information on the product which they can offer. The parameters / broad specifications of the item are as follows:

(a) The vehicle should employ contemporary technology in all its systems to deliver best performance and reliability. It should be able to perform optimally in desert, cross country, High altitude and snow bound areas not less than 5000 meter above Mean Sea Level (MSL).

(b) The overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle should allow it to go across a Class 5 bridge and be transportable by broad gauge section of the railway with ODC clearance.

(c) The vehicle should be transportable in service aircraft and provided with lashing points / hooks on all four sides so that it can be air dropped.

(d) The vehicle should be capable of carrying seven soldiers with their personal weapon and equipment including driver.

Technical Parameters

The vehicle should be equipped with contemporary turbo engine meeting latest norms as applicable with permissible exemptions at the time of issue of RFP. The engine design should be modular for ease of replacement. The transmission system will be Manual/Automatic with selectable 4x4 drive. There should be a provision of inter wheel differential lock facility on both axles. The vehicle should have Right hand drive with power steering column. The cabin & body of the vehicle should allow driver, co-driver and the second row with seating for three persons. Two foldable separate seats for two persons at the rear facing forward or inwards facilitating entry from the rear door. There should be five doors ie, two each side and one rear door.