New Delhi: Homegrown navigation firm MapmyIndia on Friday said it has collaborated with India's space agency ISRO which will enhance the quality of its 3D maps. The company is developing new maps as part of its foray into the metaverse.

MapmyIndia Executive Director and CEO Rohan Verma said the collaboration with ISRO is showing the way for an end-to-end, indigenous, Atmanirbhar (self-reliant), Public Private Partnership which is bringing the benefits of geospatial mapping, satellite data, earth observation, analytics and consumer-centric location based services all together.

"Using the Mappls portal or Mappls app of MapmyIndia, a common commuter can see the route and navigation from Leh to Manali as an example, and also see in real time, whether there's snow cover and where all the snow cover is, which is coming from earth observation data from ISRO," Verma said.

He said users will be able to see vegetation maps or heat maps, air quality maps, and other information on exact locations that are searched by people or on routes of their interest, through the collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

"Finally, this RealView that we are bringing to market which is from the skies or space using satellite imagery from ISRO, from the drones and the road based vehicles that MapmyIndia is flying and driving to create fully three dimensional high definition and 360 degree data will create innumerable applications and benefits for citizens," Verma said.

The company makes mapping solutions for automotive and mobility, consumer and enterprise segments. It serves Indian market under MapmyIndia brand and overseas market under the brand Maapls.