Harendra Negi and Prakash Singh Rana

Two Indian army soldiers deployed in Arunachal Pradesh have been missing for the last 14 days. The two 7th Garhwal Rifles soldiers, who are from Uttarakhand, have been identified as Harendra Negi and Prakash Singh Rana, were reported missing on May 28.

Speaking to India Today, Prakash Singh Rana's wife, Mamta Rana, said that the army officials called her on May 29 and informed her that her husband had gone missing on May 28.

The second phone call came on June 9 and they told me that both the soldiers were believed to have drowned in the river, said Mamta.

Mamta and her two minor children, Anuj (10) and Anamika (7), have been waiting 14 days for word from Prakash. However, army officials have not returned Mamta's phone calls or issued a statement on the matter.

Harendra Negi's wife, Poonam Negi, said that she finds it difficult to believe that both soldiers went near the river and no one knew.

She further demanded that the army explain what had happened.