Ulaanbaatar: Mongolians are deeply connected with India and they look up to India as a source of Buddhism, said Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Monday, as he led an Indian delegation, that facilitated the public exposition of four Holy Relics of Lord Buddha at Ganden Tegchenling Monastery in Ulaanbaatar.

"This is a very special gesture from the Government of India. The main Buddha statue here is gifted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi in 2015," Rijiju told ANI.

"The Relics which I have carried from India will be kept here for public exposition for 11 days and Mongolian Buddha Relics will also be kept together... Mongolians are deeply connected with India; they look up to India as a source of Buddhism, wisdom and knowledge," he added.

He said that India occupies a "very special position in the hearts and minds of people of Mongolia. "They are extremely happy to see the large Indian delegation along with the holy relics."

Buddhist devotees and the people in the Mongolian capital on Monday gave a rousing welcome to an Indian delegation led by Union Minister Rijiju as they arrived here with the Holy Relics of Lord Buddha.

The four Holy Relics - known as the 'Kapilvastu Relics' were brought in two special bulletproof caskets on board an Indian Air Force aircraft. The Holy Relics will be displayed at the Batsagaan Temple in Gandan Tegchenling Monastery complex in Ulaanbaatar for 11 days.

They were under the care of the National Museum in Delhi and during the 11-day visit to Mongolia the relics will be accorded the status of a 'state guest'. The Holy Relics of Lord Buddha which are returning to Mongolia after 29 years are considered one of the most sacred relics of Buddhism.

In 2015, the Holy Relics were placed under the 'AA' category of Antiquities and Art Treasures which should not be ordinarily taken out of the country for exhibition, considering their delicate nature.

However, upon the request of the Mongolian government, the government made a special exception and permitted the exposition of the Holy Relics in Mongolia.

The display of sacred `Kapilavastu relics' at Ganden Tegchenling Monastery is called a historic milestone in India-Mongolia relations and will further boost cultural and spiritual relations between the two countries.

Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first-ever Prime Minister of India to visit Mongolia, and taking the relics to Mongolia is an extension of the vision of the PM to revive the relations with the countries with whom India had cultural and spiritual ties centuries ago.