New Delhi: Hailing ties with India, the Italian Ambassador to India Vincenzo de Luca highlighted the fact that the two countries are in a very important period of relationship which will go even further.

"We have been in a very -very important period of our relationship in terms of political, cultural and economic and in the creative industry. We will go even further. The relationship between Italy and India is based on solid partnership and we will have more and more projects between Italy and India", said the Italian envoy in New Delhi.

Giorgia Meloni, head of the nationalist Brothers of Italy party, will break the glass ceiling by becoming Italy's first Woman Prime Minister.

Further talking about the bilateral trade between the two countries, the envoy said that today Italy is at number 3 in Europe in terms of trade.

"We reached the top record of bilateral trade last year with more than 10 billion euro of bilateral trade and this year, we have 50 per cent more compared to the last year in 2021. Now we are number 3 in Europe in terms of bilateral trade with India", said the Italian envoy.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated Giorgia Meloni for winning the general elections in Italy. Posting a congratulatory message on Twitter, Modi said he looked forward to working with Meloni to strengthen ties between India and Italy.

"Congratulations Giorgia Meloni for leading your party Fratelli Italia to victory in the Italian general elections. We look forward to working together to strengthen our ties," Modi tweeted.

Meloni thanked Modi for the congratulatory message and tweeted Italy is ready to cooperate with India on international stability and all other global challenges.

Meloni, 45, will be the first woman to take charge of the top position in the country.

The right-wing coalition scored an overall victory in the country's general election to form a new parliament after the nationalist Brothers of Italy secured 26 per cent of the vote, CNN reported.

Party leader Giorgia Meloni will most likely become the country's next Prime Minister, thereby making her the first woman ever to serve in this role.

"Italians have entrusted us with a relevant responsibility, and it will be our task to not let them down and to make our best to restore the nation's dignity and pride," Meloni commented on her Facebook page on Monday.

Over 50 million citizens, including some 4.7 million living abroad, were eligible to choose the 400 deputies and 200 senators.

Voter turnout was the lowest ever registered in the country's post-war history, the Interior Ministry said. The new parliament is scheduled to gather for the first time on October 13.