Moscow: Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow does not deny the possibility of negotiations with Kyiv.

Responding to reporters on Monday, Lavrov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin explained Moscow's position at a meeting with the State Duma leadership and the heads of factions.

"Addressing the participants, the President said, at the same time, we are not rejecting peace talks, but those who are rejecting them should know that the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us," Lavrov said, according to the foreign ministry statement.

He further pointed out that President Vladimir Putin has already expressed Russia's viewpoint during a meeting with State Duma and faction leaders.

Speaking about the G20 summit and other ministerial meetings, the Russian Foreign Minister also said that the top-level meetings are also scheduled at events organised by ASEAN and the East Asia Summit.

"Top-level meetings are also scheduled at events organised by ASEAN and the East Asia Summit. We never evade contacts. Whoever wants to continue a dialogue with us, can always do so. Western leaders' applications for contacts with President Vladimir Putin invariably meet with understanding and consent. It is not we who are avoiding a dialogue," he said.

The war between Russia and Ukraine appears to be entering a new phase after Kyiv dealt a big blow to Moscow's grip on parts of the east with a fast-moving offensive that saw Ukrainian troops enter the strategic city of Izium after six months of occupation.

When Ukrainian forces entered the city of Izium on Saturday, it was more than a significant military victory. It was a sign that the Russian troops are scrambling to hold onto the territory they captured over the past six months, reported CNN.

Meanwhile, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been shut down after it was reconnected to the power grid, Ukraine's nuclear energy agency said Sunday.