Islamabad: Protesting the human rights violations and genocidal atrocities against Sindhis committed by the Pakistani state, its security agencies and the successive governments, a week-long Sindh Hunger Strike was announced in front of the UN offices during the 77th session General Assembly which is set to begin from September 13, media reports said.

The protests will be organized to urge the UN to listen to the sorrows of Sindh and Sindhis, said Sufi Laghari the Executive Director of Washington, DC, based Sindhi Foundation who announced the move, reported EIN News.

He further demanded for Special Envoy to Investigate Genocidal Atrocities to Sindh. Another issue raised was the dire state of affairs of the "man-made catastrophe of floods" in Sindh under Pakistan.

Professor Noam Chomsky, America's world-renowned philosopher and political critic has reportedly supported the Sindh Hunger Strike across the UN. He is also among the signatories to the petition for the rights of Sindhis.

Sufi Laghari has demanded of the International Community including the United Nations and its other member nations that they must not support Pakistan and open an investigation into Pakistan's governments. The week-long hunger strike for Sindh under the banner of the Sindhi Foundation will commence across the United Nations on September 13 and will be culminated on September 20.

There have been several reports suggesting atrocities in Sindh against the local population. The minority populations have also been repeatedly targeted by radicals while many other divides also result in violence in the Pakistani state. To compound the misery floods and huge inflation are also causing unrest in the populace.

Laghari said the administration has not allowed a tent, but the hunger strike will continue without eating but drinking plain water. Laghari further emphasized that the hunger strike will be completely nonviolent and it is only to apprise the international community including the United Nations and its member nations of the human rights violation and "genocidal atrocities committed by Pakistani state, its security agencies and the successive governments against Sindh and Sindhi people," reported EIN News.

In the backdrop of the hunger strike will be the address of Pakistan's foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto's or possibly Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to the General Assembly's 77th session.

Pakistan's already most oppressed parts Baluchistan, Seraiki speaking belt and Sindh are the worst hit and are facing unprecedented catastrophic floods. "United Nations must listen to our sorrows and griefs of Sindh and Sindhi people. The flood situation has entirely turned the Sindh into ruins and disfigured her face. But the real culprit is Sindh's feudal politicians who are puppets of the Pakistani Military. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is one of them," Laghari emphasized.