The Indian and Australian armies will participate in the bilateral training exercise “AUSTRA HIND 22” at the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Rajasthan which will continue till December 11, 2022

“The inaugural Edition of Joint Military Exercise between the Indian Army and Australian Army ‘AUSTRA HIND-2022’ will be conducted at Rajasthan. With focus on Peacekeeping Operations under the UN mandate”, the Indian Army informed in its tweet.

The exercise’s goal is to enhance and build positive military relationships, share best practises, and foster cooperation while conducting multi-domain operations in semi-desert terrain in support of a UN peace enforcement mandate.

The United Nations Security Council issues mandates for the deployment of peace operations. United Nations peacekeeping aids war-torn nations in establishing the conditions for enduring peace. It is one of the most useful tools the UN has at its disposal for helping host nations travel the challenging road from violence to peace.

Through the AUSTRA HIND joint exercise, the two armies will be able to exchange best practises in tactical operations at the Company and Platoon levels to neutralise hostile threats.

In addition to casualty management, casualty evacuation, and logistical planning at the Battalion or Company level, training on new generation equipment and specialised weaponry, including snipers, surveillance, and communication equipment is also planned to achieve a high degree of situational awareness.

The exercise will involve a range of activities from joint planning to joint tactical drills, sharing the fundamentals of special weapons proficiency, and raiding an enemy target. Along with improving communication and cooperation between the two militaries, the joint training will also assist to solidify the connections between Australia and India.

With participation from every arm and service contingent from both armies, this is the first exercise in the series of AUSTRA HIND. The Australian Army force, which is made up of members of the 13th Brigade of the 2nd Division, has arrived at the drill site. The DOGRA Regiment soldiers are representing the Indian Army in this exercise. The exercise “AUSTRA HIND” will be an annual event that alternates between Australia and India.

Earlier this year, Indian Air Force contingent had participated in Exercise Pitch Black 22 in Australia, hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force which included multinational exercise at the Darwin Air Base. Spanning over a duration of three weeks, the exercise saw the participation of 17 Air Forces and over 2500 military personnel.

India has geared up for a packed schedule of military drills and in addition to the Indo – US joint training exercise “YUDH ABHYAS 22 and the Quadrilateral Maritime Drill, Exercise Malabar, the Indian army is also participating in ‘Harimau Shakti’ and ‘Garud Shakti’ exercises in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively. With Singapore, the Indian army is conducting the ‘Agni Warrior’.