The India-China border is not demarcated due to which there will always be problems in forward areas, BJP MP from Ladakh Jamyang Tsering Namgyal said on Monday. "The border is not demarcated. As a result, some issues came up in the past and some are surfacing now. Unless demarcation takes place, some issues will come," the Ladakh MP told.

He made the remarks while replying to a question on reports of China's PLA stopping Indian villagers from taking their livestock to forward areas of Ladakh for grazing.

Namgyal, who was addressing a press conference, along with Union Minister of State for Finance Bhagwat Karad, said the Modi government has launched the Vibrant Villages Programme under which development work has been carried out in sectors like road, telecommunications, and water, among others.

Asked about the increase of India-China bilateral trade in favour of Beijing, Union minister Karad said scores of steps have been taken for the higher production of 'Made in India' products so that there is a major boost to exports of Indian goods.

Giving examples, the minister said production has been increased in goods like mobile phones, toys, and (medical) ventilators, among others.

"In mobile phone production, we are the new hub of the world. We are also producing more toys now," he said.

Karad said the government has also imposed additional import duty on umbrellas which India used to import in large quantities, and also imposed tax on cryptocurrency.

Referring to the government's zero tolerance policy towards terrorism, Karad said under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country has become more secured and India is also contributing towards world peace.

He said in the recently held 90th Interpol General Assembly in Delhi, all visiting dignitaries have pledged to take the action of 'trace, target or terminate' against terrorism and India has been actively pursuing this policy.