Muzaffarabad: A five-member OIC delegation led by OIC Secretary General Hussein Brahim Taha visited the Chakothi sector on December 11 besides holding meetings with PoK President Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry and PM Sardar Ilyas Tanveer in Muzaffarabad.

"The Secretary-General and his delegation earlier had a tour of #Muzaffarabad and held meetings with the #President of POK, Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhary, and received briefings at the Line of Control between #Pakistan and #India," OIC tweeted on December 13.

An APHC (PoK chapter) delegation led by Convener Mehmood Ahmed Saghar held a meeting with OIC Assistant Secretary General Yousef Aldoubeay in Islamabad on Dec 12 and presented a memorandum on alleged anti-Kashmiris measures in Kashmir.

OIC Secretary General's LoC visit in the Chakothi sector and his meetings with PoK and APHC leaders failed to create any ripples in connection with Kashmir, which has no longer been an issue after the revocation of articles 370 and 35A.

The people of Pakistan appear least bothered about Kashmir in face of grave challenges Pakistan is confronting on the western border in form of TTP, ISK and the hostile Afghan Taliban government and its near default economy. Routine statements calling for an economic and diplomatic boycott of India and grant of the right to self-determination emerged on the behalf of JeI PoK Amir Khalid Mehmood and MC leader Sardar Attique.

OIC Secretary General Brahim Taha's pledge of full support and solidarity and call for settlement of the so-called Kashmir issue per the aspirations of Kashmiris also appear to justify the visit. PoK people in general are aware of Pak/PoK rulers' stance towards Kashmir which was clearly evident when local media was barred from coverage of the OIC delegation's visit.

The PoK people, particularly nationalists and media accused the PoK and Pak governments of repression and censorship vis-a-vis the OIC delegation's visit. Journalists across PoK are currently holding a protest against the vandalism of the information department.

Journalist's unions have announced not to tolerate such acts. They said that some institutions have been established in PoK to silence the local voices and put a shroud on the real facts. "Pakistanis don't believe in the freedom of Kashmir. They only want to snatch our land and resources and suppress us like they suppress Sindhis, Balochis and Pashtuns. We will never forget what so-called Pak mujahideen did in Baramulla in 1947."

On Dec 11, the Neelum Press Club in a press release signed by Secy Gen Tariq Maqbool Khawaja said that Usman Tariq Chughtai, President Neelum Press Club while deploring PoK govt/Information Department's action of stopping PoK media from coverage of Muzaffarabad visit by OIC Secy Gen has announced to support journalists protesting in Muzaffarabad.

He has rejected all kinds of efforts to push the PoK journalists, working for keeping alive the freedom spirit in PoK, to the wall and announced his solidarity with journalists from Taobat to Bhimber. The Neelum Press Club fully stands by all journalists and media organisations in connection with their call of protest against the stoppage of coverage of the OIC secy gen's visit.