Amid tensions with Pakistan, Indian Air Force has resorted to a new and unique form of camouflage at its Jodhpur Air Force Base in the Rajasthan sector reported Eursiantimes.

A new set of satellite images that surfaced on social media through open source intelligence (OSINT) have revealed that India is using a new camouflage technique to protect the Jodhpur air base, located near the contested and volatile border with Pakistan.

The Jodhpur AFB is situated around 220 kilometers from the LoC.

The satellite imagery has revealed that the aircraft hangars, parking and taxiing areas, and runways at the Jodhpur Air Base have been painted with graffiti. The graffiti painting depicts objects of various shapes and sizes.

Military observers suggest this was done “to confuse enemy optics and pilots.”

It has been widely known that homing missiles with optical identification of enemy targets are increasing worldwide. These missiles essentially have a computer with the signatures of numerous pieces of enemy gear, including their visual characteristics. Once a target is identified, an attack command is automatically initiated.

This is where the disorienting pattern comes in to safeguard the aerial assets. The fact that this form of camouflage has been applied to the Jodhpur Air Force Base is telling. Even though there has been a stalemate in border tensions for a while, both sides have been tightening security.